The New Computer in my Life (and other geek stuff)

One of the delays in getting this newsletter out was waiting for my new computer. I kept waiting for the right machine to be available and be affordable. It finally came out, and I finally got it! Well, I got almost what I wanted. But that's all you can ever afford.

It's a Macintosh, but it's not made by Apple. It is a PowerComputing PowerCurve 601/120 computer, with 16MB of memory and a 1GB disk. I also got a 17" monitor (at the heavily snowed-on IEEE Computer Fair), and a Zip drive. All this for about $3000! Okay, it would be cheaper than that now, and this machine has been discontinued already, but it's a major step up. It really has improved my productivity.

 Besides doing newsletters, I maintain World Wide Web pages for Central, the Christian Student Organization, several dance groups, including the NACDS, a "Contra Dancing in the Southeast" page, and my own home page. You can get to all of these from my not-very-impressive home page which you can find by surfing by <>. After the government furloughs (and potential furloughs), I set up a business to do web pages (bwalls Web Design). No paying clients, but come next furlough I'm ready!

I also do a little desktop publishing. And I like to send e-mail. Receiving it is better yet. I have a new provider now. Bob Ehresman, an old Tennessee Tech chum, operated an Internet Service Provider locally, but it went belly up. I went with another local ISP, but changed my e-mail address to a relocation service. That means my e-mail address should stay the same despite any changes of provider. My new address is

Currently, I'm thinking that my computer would sure run faster with another 16MB of memory, a 512kb L2 cache, and a faster modem. And I have a new machine coming at work. Hmm. More next year...

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