A New Record!

Welcome to my 1995 Christmas Newsletter, coming to you this time in August of 1996. That's later than ever before! What's more, this may well be the first of my biennial newsletters!

I actually started writing early this time; I know I had started in October of 1995. But things came up.

In payment for the long wait, you get a new format, twice the size, and more details in the continuing saga of my life. Also, this is the first year that the Internet becomes a primary delivery mechanism; the World Wide Web version is being published at about the same time as the paper version. With the increasing detail, distribution has dropped; how many people even want to know all this stuff? And how many do I want to know it? Is it pure egotism? Or just realizing that this is a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist? Well, anyhow, here it is.

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