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Literary Comment
: In which I discover a truely amazing novel in Anna Karinnina, and find synchonicity between it, James Joyce's Dubliners, and life.

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December 12: Waltz New- Dancing continues to be a major part of my social life, and more and more the center of my community -- a fact I face with some trepidation. But, when dancing is good it is very, very good.

December 7: Lookin' Fer Love- My love life over the last three years has actually, uncharacteristically, had some content. At the end there is no one in particular, but a multitude of possiblities.

November 27: Buddy, Can You Spare a Paradigm?- Core issues of Truth, integrity, belief, religion, spirituallity, and other things one doesn't speak of in polite company have continued on my mind. I'd like to hear your view!

November 26: Sometime It IS Rocket Science- A new job working Science Communications for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center's Space Science Laboratory took work from humdrum to challenging, exciting, and enjoyable.

October 6: Hither and Yon- Travel for work has been practically nonexistent for the last few years. My personal travels have continued apace, however.

September 8: Peep No-Show- Five Peep-o-nauts disappear under mysterious circumstances in a NASA balloon launch. A later launch returned its passengers, but terminated early

July 27: End of a Dusty Trail- Things seldom turn out the way you think they might, and writing a book sure didn't for me. It has been interesting...


February 19, 2000

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